Ruddernack McGee

Townsfolk of Eledar


Physical Description:

The former captain of the Bilgerat is a wind-burned son of the sea. Tall and lean, with skin like ill-treated leather, and a thinning shock of bone-white hair, Ruddernack wears a perpetual squint paired with a sour grimace. The fact that he possesses all of his appendages is a testament to his proficiency and good fortune.


Years spent hunting whales have left the man suitable for nothing else. He paces and mutters. He stares long and hard at whatever has his attention. McGee is a man of few words and regimented order. His joy is unexpressed when a whale breaches the surface within his reach. His displeasure is undetectable when he must leave his floating kingdom to haggle with lesser, shore-bound men for the hard-won oil in his hold.


  • Captain “Ruddernack” McGee is the victim of mutiny, abuse, and neglect. When Gerrick (a fugitive from the remote North) led the mutiny, Symerlee (ship’s consort) sided with him. The 1st Mate, the Boson, the blacksmith, and the carpenter were all pitched overboard. After plundering McGee’s savings, the crew enjoyed the dives and brothels of Riddle Port. But, the money didn’t last long. When the cook proposed piracy, the cleric fanned the flames with a hundred stories of high times in the Shackles. The Bilgerat sailed south along the trade routes… and discovered that she is not swift enough for her chosen occupation. Nefira, Javin, and Roskar came aboard in Eledar when it became clear that some experienced pirates and a spellcaster were sorely needed. It was in Eledar too, that the three mercenaries purchased passage to Smugglers Shiv. This trick of fortune turned fatal for the renegade crew, because the longboat that carried the mercenaries to shore returned full practiced killers eager to purchase passage with blood.
  • After he is freed from the brig, McGee, the handful of mutineers left alive, and the group from the Shiv sail the ship to Sargava where the captain explains that Eledar is a frontier town. Almost everyone on the street is a formidable adversary. Shop Keepers are former adventurers. Inn Keepers were once mercenaries. And the streets near the docks are the playground of some of the most notorious pirates in the known world. It’s best to mind your own business, mind your tongue, and think carefully before you draw a weapon.
  • Kassata Llewynn, upon recovering her cousin (Symerlee), buys the Bilgerat from McGee and warns him never to sail again.

Ruddernack McGee

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