Dauk Bludwedge

Townsfolk of Eledar


Dauk Bludwedge ‑ owns the Smelting House, does some custom crafting work for select clients

Physical Description:
Dauk Bludwedge is a short, plumb man well into middle age. His hair is thinning and his girth steadily increases as prosperity carries him along on a tide of comfortable complacency. And yet, when his interest is piqued, his blue eyes flash with keen insight and recollections of the days when mastering his craft drove Dauk night and day.

Dauk is an affable man, neither proud nor vain. He is pleased that he has raised many of the downtrodden Zinj from ignorant menials to skilled craftsmen, but he takes credit only for giving an opportunity that he feels the men deserved.

Brigga recommended Dauk as a potential source of weapon enhancement to the party shortly after their arrival in Eledar. When they went to meet him, none of the implements the smelter had on hand were particularly impressive, but as they spoke together, Dauk became intrigued by the party and the tales of their adventures. In the end, he dusted off his old anvil and re-forged Gwydion’s family sword with prodigious power.


Dauk Bludwedge

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