Bast Waymouth

Human Ranger


This ruggedly handsome outdoorsman was born to the peasantry of Last Wall where conscription raised him to a prized yeoman of his country. Though unharmed during his term of service, Bast returned to find his village in ashes and his family scattered. Employing his woodland skills, the ranger tracked his kin to Northfork Keep where he aided a trio of veterans like himself in ridding the keep of invading greenskins. The peasants, surviving soldiers, and the handful of heroes held the ford beneath the keep in the face of a monstrous horde until the king’s forces arrived.

But, village life held little appeal now that Bast had tasted the wider world. He found a like-minded fellow in Gwydion, and the two ventured out to make their fortunes. In Chelyax, the rustic pair was hired as caravan guards for the Henderthane family of arms manufacturers, and such was their record that when Lord Henderthane’s daughter was stranded on Smuggler’s Shiv, he sent Bast, Gwydion, Cheveya, Cinder, and Clicks to recover her person or her corpse.

And so it was, that Bast met the blind girl, Ichiko, and the dryad, Aycenia, amidst the deadly trials of an island haunted by the undead, hunted by cannibals, and plagued by vicious creatures. In little more than a month, the humble band of guards was hardened into a formidable adventuring party, and the island, relieved of its various plagues, was transformed into a tropical paradise. Amidst such rigors and renewal, it is no surprise that the manly ranger won the hearts of a castaway and a winsome nature spirit. With surprising skill, Bast kept his amorous escapades apart, so that neither female was bitten by wounded pride or provoked to vengeance.

By the time blood and steel bought escape from the island aboard a mutinous ship, Bast had won wealth, prowess, and knowledge of the lost city of Saventh Yhi. Upon reaching Eleder, new opportunities sprang from the baggage of the island. Though the return to civilization left the ranger ill for several days while his companions explored the city, encountered various parties interested in their information, and ultimately made a contract with the Aspis Consortium, he was content to join the race to the lost city.

The struggles of the island paled in comparison to the perils of penetrating the Mwangi Expanse. Native uprisings, pestilence, primordial beasts, and jungle savagery could not overcome the rugged ranger. In the end, it was a woman who stole his life. Bast, naked and unarmed, was the last hope of his comrades to defeat the succubus, Zakiyya, and when he fell, all were enslaved.

When the rest of the expedition arrived to free the survivors of the Advance Team, Bast’s soul had moved on to adventures in realms yet unknown. His comrades honored his life, his sacrifice, and his passing then with heavy hearts they resumed the toil of mortal pursuits.

Ichiko, so long a paramour of the fallen ranger, assumed his position on the Advance Team never knowing that she was not alone in Bast’s affections.

Bast Waymouth

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