Serina Kajdi



Serina Kajdi (human) an Azlanti with olive skin, dark hair, and pale gray eyes. She is closer to Ichiko’s height than either of the other female castaways. Her shapely, even buxom form has grown leaner under the relentless tropical sun. Despite the hardships of the island, she remained feminine in appearance and gentle in manner.

Personality: Vibrant and considerate, Serina does her best to keep up the spirits of her fellow castaways. She prepares bland meals from the unfamiliar creatures and vegetation collected by her companions. It’s enough to keep everyone alive but no cause for celebration. Nevertheless, if it weren’t for her tender care, each of the castaways would certainly have perished from the relentless perils of the island.

Story: Serina is a dedicated student of Azlanti history, but her adventurous spirit carried her from the libraries of Absolam to Osiron and from Sothis to Eleder. Rather than trek across the Mwangi Expanse, Serina took ship through the Inner Sea and out in to the Arcadian Ocean, stopping in exotic ports like Merab and Azir. She alone survived the wreck of the Golden Bow but discovered a most unusual map on one of the many bodies that washed ashore. Though she cannot tell for sure, Serina thinks the map might very well be of Smuggler’s Shiv, and she gets giddy thinking about what spot the large X might mark.

  • The Party helped Serina recover the treasure by dangling Gwydion as bate over a pit full of ghasts.
  • Upon arriving in Eledar, Serina was disappointed to find the local temple of her order in a terrible state and when Ayers found himself in the same situation, the two took their concerns to the Duke. They were unable to gain an audience, but Serina caught the eye of Rotilious Havilar. Watch Commander Havilar was gracious and charming. He knew of Ayers’ family and took the paladin under his wing. Serina, however, he took to bed… where she spilled her whole castaway story including the lore of Saventh Yhi, but when she was introduced to Havilar’s fiancĂ©, Serina made a terrible scene and fled into the night. She was robbed and worse in the alleys of Eledar, but managed to drag herself to the Sargava Club where she declared, “Gwydion, help me up. I’m finished with handsome, clever men. You’re the only one for me.” As the fighter complied with her request, he noticed that Ayers wore a wounded expression that hardened into anger.
  • Serina remains with Bregga, caring for Ichiko.

Faction: None, but with loyalty to the Party

Serina Kajdi

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