Sasha Nevah



Sasha Nevah (human) has tousled red hair and mischievous green eyes. She is missing the pinky finger of her left hand and bears the symbol of the Red Mantis tattooed between her shoulder blades. Slender and athletic, Sasha never stands still or stays quiet for long.
Personality: Sasha’s optimism and easy laugh border on the manic. Certainly she never stays angry or sad for long, no matter what the circumstances. But, her eyes bear the look of the hunted. Sasha cannot abide anyone standing behind her.

Story: The Red Mantis is a clan of elite assassins, infamous throughout Golarion for their ruthlessness and their cunning; Sasha’s mother had hoped that her daughter would follow in her footsteps. But, Sasha was never one for discipline, and the brutal training only enabled her to make good her escape from Mediogalti Island. Even so, Sasha enjoys an abiding love for violence. Her survival skills have kept the castaways fed and sheltered. Of late, the cannibal threat has dwindled considerably, yet something has been sniffing around the compound night after night. The tracks are strange, sometimes human then becoming… something else. Sasha dares not leave her companions alone to hunt this new menace, but if a few of the robust newcomers were interested, the hunt could prove most exciting. When she shows you the tracks, you recognize them from the sewers of Egorian: Wererats.

  • The Party helped Sasha purge the island of wererats and discovered treasure of Avret Kinkarian, Captain of the Brine Demon and Aerys Movato’s lost father.
  • Upon reaching Eledar, Sasha is captured by the Red Mantis and trades in the secret of Saventh Yhi to save her life.
  • Lin He Qwan joined Sasha and together they plotted an escape from the Red Mantis. When the assassins set an ambush for the Party, Sasha warned Cynder. During the resulting slaughter, Sasha and Lin He Qwan fled.

Faction: formerly Red Mantis

Sasha Nevah

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