The Dominated


Riley (Lilorna Henderthane) a pretty girl with brown hair, green eyes, fair skin, and the tapered ears of a half-elf

Story: Riley met a boy, a handsome, exciting boy of the streets. He helped her sneak out of the Henderthane mansion and revealed the art of burglary. Riley learned fast and reveled in the reckless freedom. She was young and in love and addicted to the thrills of theft. She wanted this new life to go on forever. She wanted to runaway with her lover. However, they boy had only just earned a place in the local Thieves Guild; he wouldn’t go. So, Riley set out on her own. She would show the boy and her father what she could do all by herself. A few weeks later, she woke up shipwrecked on Smuggler’s Shiv. Even so, she wasn’t content to sit around and wait for rescue. Riley joined with a group of the more adventurous castaways and set out to explore the island. In a horribly bungled raid on the cannibal camp, she was captured along with the others then handed over to Yarzoth (Priestess of Ydersius) in human form. Riley and her companions were dominated by Yarzoth and accompanied her to the Temple of Zura where Yarzoth uncovered the mysteries of Saventh Yhi.

  • But, Riley’s father had not forgotten his beloved daughter. He sent investigators to find her. They found the boy and learned of the plan to runaway aboard the Jenever. When the ship was reported wrecked on Smugglers Shiv, Lord Henderthane summoned his most expendable henchmen, a misfit team of caravan guards, and sent them in search of his child or her remains. He offered the odd assembly a ridiculous amount of money, assuming he would never hear from them again, but to his amazement, they found his daughter alive and took her to Eleder.
  • Of course, Riley had no intention of coming home. Headstrong as ever, she was contemplating the search for Saventh Yhi when she was approached by Amivor Glaur. Glaur had learned of the lost city from Gelik, but he lothed the gnome so he sought out other survivors. The Party was uninterested in his offer, but Riley was delighted. She had so much in common with Glaur, and he was offering everything she was looking for. Still, Riley had learned a thing or two the hard way. Boyfriends couldn’t always be relied upon, but Drogheda was both loyal and useful, thus she recruited the half-orc. And so, Riley found a new challenge, a new lover, and a devoted friend.
  • When the Party encounters her in Kalabuto, Riley cares to discuss nothing unrelated to “her Amivor” and just how amazing he is, and yet, she does manage to mention that the Pathfinders have joined forces with Havilar’s Sargavan Expeditionary Force.

Faction: Pathfinder Society


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