Lin He Qwan



Lin He Qwan was the 13th of 17 children born to a stevedore and his haggard bride. Life on the dockside streets of Kintargo was an endless parade of poverty and squalor that hardened the strong and crushed the weak. It is indicative of Lin He Qwan’s constitution that he survived to the age of ten, which is when the Brotherhood of Anselm took the wretched wafe into their ascetic fraternity. Among the brotherhood, Lin He Qwan discovered a family, learned philosophy, and grew into a robust young man. At the foot of Venerable Su Fung, it was explained that wealth and fame are the only things worth striving for and that a man who has these two in great measure will have whatever else he desires. Of course, magnificence was unsuitable for low-born rabble, so Lin He Qwan must seek less expensive solace in abstinence. Peace, contentment, and tranquility were to be achieved by backbreaking toil, little sleep, and less food. A life stripped of ease fabricated a sense of personal virtue. And so, upon reaching manhood, Lin He Qwan left the abbey to discover what else the wider world might take from him. Aboard the Jenevere, he learned that solid earth and the contents of one’s own stomach were luxuries denied him by the sea. Stranded on Smuggler’s Shiv, he encountered the ravages of disease and the murderous cruelty of goats. While dominated by Yarzoth, he discovered that even his own will was an illusion.

At that point, Lin He Qwan had enough of losing things. He joined his liberators in battle; his fists took mercenary lives and won him gold. On the decks of the Bilgerat, he slew pirates, earned treasure, and seized the means of escape. In Eledar, the forge of shared experience welded his fate to another. When the Red Mantis came for Sasha Neva, she was not alone and the value of keeping her alive increased. Lin He Qwan found himself in possession of a woman, a considerable amount of money, information other people desperately wanted, and enemies. Freedom was added to the list one night outside a caravan camp when the Liberators returned to work their magic of wholesale slaughter.

On the run from a renowned and relentless body of assassins, Lin He Qwan knows joy. Peace, contentment, and tranquility were getting him nowhere.

Lin He Qwan

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