Ishiru (human, Tian) a rugged Tian man with emotionless eyes and iron gray hair worn in a ponytail. What is left of his clothing and armor are well kept and clean, but obviously of low quality. His sword is a beautiful katana and, in conjunction with his refined manners, lend the man an aura of mystery. Ishirou is dutifully protective of the foreign sword, as it is his only material link to the life he abandoned.

Personality: Taciturn and dour, Ishirou has no sense of humor and little reason to smile. He has little patience for those who strike him as wasteful or spoiled, and is easily flustered by the attention of an attractive woman.

Story: Ishiru was the senior retainer for a childless clan leader in Tian. While making peace with a rival clan, Ishiru’s master pledged Ishiru’s daughter to marry the heir of that clan thus uniting the rivals. Ishiru kept his daughter’s blindness a secret, even from the clan leader and was horrified to hear of the honor bestowed upon her. Knowing that, were her condition to be revealed, Ichiko would be put to death, Ishiru hid his daughter away and purchased the child of a prostitute to present as his own. All was going well, until a Tengu that served the rival clan discovered Ichiko on Ishiru’s country estate. Pezock, the Tengu, then found the substitute daughter’s mother. His lord was well pleased with Pezock but furious that his son might have married a whore’s urchin. Ritual suicide for Ishiru’s household alone would atone for the deception. But, the retainer could not bear to slay his little girl. He swore vengeance on the Tengu and fled. When Pezock grew haughty and lost the patronage of his lord, Ishiru attacked. The Tengu escaped. Ishiru pursued. In the western lands, the fallen retainer felt his cause was hopeless until he discovered the object of his hatred here on the island.

  • With the help of the Party, Ishiru wrought Pezock’s death, sating his need for vengeance. Ishiru became friends with Gwydeon on the island, but when the exiled retainer paid a debt to the Aspis Consortium with the information about Saventh Yhi, Gwydeon despised him.

Death: at the hands of Umagro’s Zinj subversives while guarding the party’s provisions for the expedition. The party took their vengeance for Ishiru’s murder by butchering Umagro and his companions on the roof of the whaling company in front of thousands of assembled Zinj.


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