Ichiko (human, Tian) a slender Tian woman, the shortest of the female castaways. Her sable hair has been ritually brushed and hangs most of the way down her back. She wears a short, frayed cotton robe with a heavy leather carpenter’s belt slung low about her hips. But none of this is what you notice. Ichiko’s eyes have neither iris nor pupil. Perfect white orbs stare at you unseeing until Ishiru nudges her. With a nod, Ichiko ties a narrow band of patterned silk over her eyes.

Personality: Ichiko is quiet and reserved, but her every movement is gracefully efficient. She is meticulous in her every activity as though nothing less than perfection is acceptable. It is clear with minimal observation that Ichiko is responsible for the elegant functionality of the cottage and the compound. She is not engaging, but she is attentive. Whenever possible she will defer questions to one of the other castaways.

Story: Ichiko knows what her father has sacrificed so that she might live. This knowledge compels her to seek his approval, to always strive, to better herself, and never bring Ishiru shame. To compensate for blindness, she has honed her other senses to a remarkable degree. Ichiko is aware of every creature within 30 feet of her at all times. She never misplaces an object, and she has flawless spacial memory. Nevertheless, there are things that escape her notice. Ichiko and her father have spent their last savings to procure a formula for a concoction that will give her “the ear that sees”. The final ingredient is a special berry found only in Sargava. Though she cannot reach the mainland, Ichiko believes the berries might be found on the island. In fact, she has heard the others speak of a plant matching the description given to her. She knows the location, yet will trust only one person to go with her as she cannot bear the shame of failure. The jungle night is dangerous, but she is confident that with your help, she can finish the formula.

  • Ichiko chose Bast to help her on the nighttime expedition to retrieve the berries. They were successful, and the two developed an amorous relationship.
  • When her father was murdered, Ichiko was drugged and abducted by Umagro’s Zinj. Badly wounded, she was cast from the roof of the whaling company into a vicious crowd of Zinj onlookers. Golad’s quick thinking and deft execution of a flying rescue saved her life.
  • Ichiko is currently staying at the Sargava Club under the care of the care of Brigga and Serina Kajdi.

Faction: Aspis Consortion (the Party)


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