Human Druid


Physical Description:
14 inches of orange fro bring the diminutive Mwangi tribesman to a respectable 6’2", and while this thatch resembles a nest, the druid’s Papuan Eagle companion prefers to roost elsewhere. With ivory teeth, onyx eyes, and skin as dark as a jungle shadow, Clicks is a surprising sight to those unfamiliar with his homeland.
Always ready with a laugh, Clicks has a sense of humor that most people fail to appreciate. He is a frightening joker whose comedy cannot be ignored and only in retrospect does it entertain (for example, he once doused a tiger with water in the midst of combat then assured his companions that cats are afraid of water). Nevertheless, Clicks keeps at it.

  • As a native to the region, Clicks was an obvious choice when Lord Henderthane sent a search party for his prodigal daughter. That the druid’s companions were the rough and ready sort was a noteworthy bonus. However, on the island, a steady regimen of slaughter became the daily diet of the would-be rescuers. Cannibals, wererats, the undead, and worse were the primary predators roaming the land, and each saw the newly arrived party as a potential source of protein. Even so, while his companions chopped, stabbed, and burned their way from one end of the island to the other, Clicks set about protecting whatever was worth preserving. He fed the tiny community of castaways, and when an agreement with the Thalassa of the lagoon was struck, Clicks took it upon himself to guarantee the terms. Slowly, as the warriors purged the darkness, the druid fostered new growth. Thus, on the day his friends baptized a pirate ship in blood, Clicks was content to wish them safe travels from the beach of a freshly minted paradise.
  • In the brief time since Clicks made the island his home, fewer ships break themselves upon the rocks ringing Smugglers Shiv, and those that do enjoy fewer casualties than in ages past. Rumors of a kindly but stern king of the island have been carried by men in boats of salvaged timber to the port of Eledar.


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