Ayers is the son of a poor, though proud aristocratic family. For centuries, his ancestors have loyally bled for the Cheliax Empire and then for independent Sargava. The virtues of colonialism inspired Ayers to pursue the paladin’s path; he is utterly devoted to the Sargavan way of life. A tear gleams in his pale blue eyes when he contemplates the generosity of those brave souls who brought law, commerce, agriculture, and civilization to a land lost in darkness and savagery. Under the protection of Sargava, the indigenous population grows each year. The more promising of the natives have even learned a trade, and those unable to rise so far can at least feed themselves and their families on wages earned from the plantations. It is only natural that such a bountiful land requires defenders, a brotherhood of high-born warriors, pure of blood, pure of heart, and ever vigilant.

After performing the final rites, Ayers was ordained a Paladin of Iomedae in Cheliax. His return voyage, however, terminated on Smuggler’s Shiv rather than in Eledar. The trials of the island were more rigorous than those imposed by the church; even so, Ayers emerged a stronger, more resolved champion. Upon his delayed return to Sargava, he was welcomed into the ruling class of his homeland.

Now, serving under the command of General Havilar, Ayers answers to the very man who broke his beloved Serina Kajdi’s heart. Adding to the paladin’s trials of spirit, his comrades from the island have made themselves outlaws, fugitives, and enemies of the state he solemnly swore to defend. Ayers recognizes his duty, and he will not shrink from it, but heavy is his burden.


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